Prague and Vienna in Pencil and Ink

I kept myself from cartoon “work” while traveling, but found lots of great fodder for sketching and inking to keep me busy during our¬†train rides…






The Intern Spectrum – Cowboy or Cornered Cat?

Intern Spectrum

I don’t claim to be an expert on medical training, but here’s my diagram of the intern spectrum. It’s been 8 years since I walked into the hospital as an intern, and I’m still searching for that sweet spot myself. To new doctors out there, err on the side of caution… confidence will come later!



The EHR Voyage – Episode 2!!


Will Captain Smartphrase and Databoy be able to find their digital way in the midst of the mindless muck? ¬†…Or will they be swallowed into an abyss of cut-and-pasted smart-text? Come back to the Ink Vessel next week(ish) to find out!!

Captain Smartphrase and The Electronic Health Record Voyage!!! (Episode 1)

Slide1Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Captain SmartphraseWhat will happen to Captain Smartphrase and DataBoy? Will they be lost forever in a sea of meaningless digital flotsam? Come back to The Ink Vessel next week(ish) to find out…

How to choose a medical specialty…

Choosing a medical specialty can be hard! In 2017, there are an endless variety of options for medical specialization, and they all look shockingly different. The Ink Vessel has prepared a streamlined chart to help medical students find the specialty that’s right for them!

Choosing a Medical Specialty Final