The Weight of Caring at Home

I wrote/drew this opinion piece for the LA Times two years ago, right before COVID drastically changed the landscape of… well, everything. Unfortunately, care for seriously ill loved ones has not gotten any easier during the pandemic, and patients and families still often struggle to meet the demands of illness in their living rooms. Now that we’re well out of the initial publishing exclusivity period, I’m re-sharing this piece in its entirety for those who ran into the paywall the first time around.

Nathan A. Gray, MD / For the LA Times

Link to the original story here.

3 thoughts on “The Weight of Caring at Home

  1. I cannot express my gratitude adequately for this. As both a home provider for my son, and a hospice nurse. During his 20 years and through his death in 2018, I often felt so alone and isolated. It is frustrating indeed to see the limitations Medicare has put on Palliative Care and Hospice. Families should have daily skilled HHA and nurses as well as social work and spiritual care. Referrals are also made far too late. With more support to families and earlier referrals we could be doing so much more. Deep bows to you!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻


    1. Thanks so much! It always amazes me what families and nurses can do, even with so little structural support behind them from our system. Thank you for the care you give, and thanks for reading!!!! ❤️


  2. Thank you for sharing this on your blog. I missed it during its initial publication. You captured the challenges of end of life care from the family caregiver perspective so well.


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