A cartoon salute to the medical folks working this #LaborDay . . . Hope you’re able to feel appreciated for the hard work you do, even when you may feel toasted!! #LaborOnLaborDay #GraphicMedicine

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In honor of the July arrival of new doctors at teaching hospitals around the country, the Twittersphere is actively producing a variety of #TipsforNewDocs. Here is my own compiled and drawn list of 7 graphic tips to add to the mix. Number 1- Listen to #Nurses !! Number 2 – It’s hard to remember when […]

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Up and running

After seconds of thought and hours of mindless computer clicking, I’m glad to have The Ink Vessel up and running. I’ve placed a few of my favorite older cartoons on the “Work” page, but new cartoons will show up here in the blog-page. Thanks for looking! PSA: Clostridium Difficile is anything but funny! Use antibiotics wisely…

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