Profit, Puns, and Lasting Love

It’s been a busy few months, so I’m reminding myself to update my website with what’s been going on. We continue to enjoy adjusting to life in Baltimore, although crab-cakes are very pricey right now, so we’re waiting for an easing in the over-inflated crab market before we really dive in. It’s a city that knows struggle but also has its charm (and fantastic Italian food).

Earlier this month, I created this piece with the Los Angeles Times to summarize the dramatic shifts in the profit structure of the hospice industry, along with raising concerns about what profit-motivation can do to such a vulnerable space in healthcare. You can read the comic here on The LA Times website.

For Valentines, I made this comic for The Washington Post on the long-haul couples that I’ve met in the hospital and their secrets to lasting love.

Finally, I continue to pluck away at puns mixed with senseless frivolity and “deep thoughts” on Instagram and Twitter. Here is a smattering of recent posts:

Nathan A. Gray, MD

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