The Pandemic Draws On

It’s been a busy year, so in one sweep, I’m going to catch my InkVessel site up to date on the art I’ve made in the last 6 months:

First, amid the torrent of angst all of us were feeling about the early days of the outbreak, I produced this piece for the L.A. Times on the bizarre wait for COVID to arrive in places outside of the East and West coast hotspots. I’m grateful that here in NC we have not seen the surge of patients that those places suffered through, but I remain nervous about the Winter to come.

Over the course of the early months, I illustrated a collection of graphic COVID communication tips, created in collaboration with VITALTALK, a non-profit aimed at teaching us medical types to communicate better about serious illness. These graphics were published in the British Medical Journal as an educational piece.

As Spring turned into Summer, I created this piece for the L.A. Times on the painful cost to patients and families separated by hospital isolation precautions.

I’m busy at work on a few other projects that I can’t wait to share, and in spite of the insanity this year has brought, I feel grateful to have a steady clinical job as well as plenty of artwork still to create.

It’s hard to know what the cold months ahead will look like for our hospitals and our country. Here’s wishing for communal charity, health, wise leadership, and a swifter-than-expected return to safety for all!

I’ll leave you with a smattering of my single panel cartoons created thus far during the crisis:

7 thoughts on “The Pandemic Draws On

  1. Thank you for your work. I’m a palliative care nurse practitioner. Your drawings help me to feel less alone after a tough shift.


    1. So glad that the work has been meaningful to your practice and survival! Thanks for taking an interest in my work and taking the time to send feedback. Best wishes and stay well. 🙂


  2. Thank you. I am a pallimed doc and CMO in a rural system. Your images help me share my fears with my team and with my patients.


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