In honor of the July arrival of new doctors at teaching hospitals around the country, the Twittersphere is actively producing a variety of #TipsforNewDocs. Here is my own compiled and drawn list of 7 graphic tips to add to the mix.

Number 1- Listen to #Nurses !!1.jpeg

Number 2 – It’s hard to remember when you’re tired, harried, and hungry, but come to the hospital ready to make friends, not enemies, across specialties, disciplines, & units. You’ll be happier and patients will get better care. 2.jpeg

Number 3 – Years ago an ICU attending told me, “There are 2 types of interns: Interns who make checklists… and interns who struggle.” As someone who is not inherently organized I had to embrace the beautiful rigor of little checkboxes…3.jpeg

Number 4 – From colleague, Fumiko Chino, MD (): “We are Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. Bit players in someone else’s larger tragedy. We are blessed to walk the stage with our patients but need humility. We are not the main story.” You’ll be “that doctor who____.”(Cared, rushed, hurt)4.jpeg

Number 5 – In the EHR age, it’s tempting to hide away in a workroom for hours of charting. Don’t hide from your patients… especially when someone’s very sick. Camp out nearby… you’ll know what’s going on better than watching vital signs on a screen.5.jpeg

Numbers 6&7- 6) No matter how complex the hospital stay becomes, never forget why your patient came in that first day, & (7) Never forget why you came to medicine. Brush off that optimistic, passionate application essay and put it where you’ll see it.6 and 7.jpeg

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