Dying Words Aren’t What I Imagined

The things people say (and don’t say) at the end never cease to surprise me…

Here’s the link to my comic, made for Spiralbound on Medium, about the tremendous privilege of sitting together alongside both the marvel and the messes of dying words.

2 thoughts on “Dying Words Aren’t What I Imagined

  1. My father passed away a little over a month ago and this rang so true and really touched my heart when I read it today. The sleepiness, the mundanity of words, the conversations with dead relatives, the way he didn’t want to be alone, the firmness of his desire to stay at home. The signs were all there but even as a physician myself I don’t think I let myself truly confront that reality.

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    1. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss, and I can imagine that much of this is still very raw… Thanks for taking the time to read it and for passing along your own experience.


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