A New Season…?

As still another season dawns in this blur of a year, it’s been wonderful to see our COVID case counts fall here and to watch some of our hospital COVID units being converted back to regular medical wards. While we also keep a wary eye on the numbers and advocate for patients and places around the globe that continue to struggle, it’s hard not to feel excited about new beginnings. I look forward to further relaxation of hospital visitor restrictions, and, in particular, can’t wait to see the therapy dogs come back to the wards. I looked back with the L.A. Times in April on the tough year of “I’m sorry’s” that we’ve had to say at the bedside.

Thanks to the unexpected benefits of Zoom during a pandemic, I had the pleasure of speaking about comics and medicine with both the Portland All-City Palliative Care Lecture Series, sponsored by Oregon Health Sciences, and the 2021 Great Lakes Palliative Care Conference organized by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

I’ve filled the cracks in between my longer graphic works with four-square cartoons and some palliative-care specific art, which are easiest to find on Twitter and instagram, but here’s one of my favorite runs, bringing to life some of medicine’s odd terminology with earnest-looking organs!

Finally, I had the surprise and excitement of having two of my 2020 editorial cartoons win first and fourth place prize in the California News Publisher’s Associations awards for editorial cartooning.

Being able to make cartoons while also providing serious illness care alongside amazing colleagues in the hospital has made a long year profoundly rewarding amid so much change and uncertainty. I’m appreciative for all those who continue to read, support, and share my work.

Hospital skyline with sunrise and helicopter.

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