HOUSE HUNTERS: Nursing Facility DreamHome Edition

*As a palliative care doctor, I often spend time working alongside families that are trying to navigate the minefield of facility-based care. Whether they are learning the rules and coverage options for short-term rehab or trying to figure out how to arrange long-term care at an assisted living facility or nursing home, our country’s options for those needing 24-hour support are a labyrinth of rules and regulations. It’s hard enough clearing the logistical and financial hurdles, but alongside those headaches are the heartaches of losing autonomy, surrendering familiar personal space and privacy, and adapting to a life that looks very different from the world outside…. Not sure whether this comic is good for laughter or tears, but a few weeks ago I heard a family debating the pros and cons of various nursing homes and thought HGTV should launch something for those on the hunt for their dream facility.

N.Gray, MD

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